"How's it going?" for projects and organizations

Reflecticle is here to help!

Here at Reflecticle, we love "Iterative" software development. Each week, a set of things gets done, the customer is happy, and the developers get paid! Tracking hours really sucks, but somehow we have to know if the team members got their jobs done...

A lot of really smart people have come up with numerous great techniques and tools for automatically tracking time, deliverables, points, etc, but when it comes down to it, what really matters is that the client gets what the team promises to deliver. We think the key is effective communication, and thats a hard thing to get right.

With the quick pace of most projects these days, communication often gets sidelined and disastrous things can result. Thats where Reflecticle comes in:

Trivially Simple To Set Up

Light Weight Survey Process For All Team Members

Light Weight Activity Logging

Comprehensive Reporting